Double-double scarf


From :  Micheline

Number of stitches : Multiple of 4 + 1 selvedge stitch each side

For my scarf, I cast on 32 + 2 selvedge stitches (for a total of 34 stitches). You need yarn of 2 different colors.  I used yarn for  7US (4.5mm) needles.  I used Patons Decor, 1 skein of each color (3.5on/100g – 208yards/190m).  Completed, the scarf’s  measurement  are :  8in/20cm x 60in/150cm

Double-double stitch : With the right hand needle, pick up the loop from the stitch 2 rows below the stitch of the left hand needle (as it to knit it), knit the stitch of the left hand needle then pass  the loop over  the knit stitch.  It’s easy: it is the first loop you see under the current row.


Prep. rows: Cast on 32 stitches + 1 selvedge stitch on each side.  Knit 2 rows with color A and 2 rows with color B.  Then follow the pattern:

Row 1 : With A, knit 1 selvedge stitch - * knit 3 – 1 dbl-dbl stitch * -  Repeat  from * to * - Knit 1 selvedge stitch

Row 2 : Knit

Row 3 : With B, knit 1 selvedge stitch -  knit 1 - *1 dbl-dbl stitch – knit 3 *-  Repeat  from * to * .

Row 4 : Knit

Repeat rows 1 to 4 until you ran out of yarn

That’s all !

How to do the double-double stitch


Here’s the loop to pick up (pointed with the metal needle)


How to pick up it with the right hand needle


Then knit the left hand stitch


Right : the loop

Left : the knit stitch


Then pass the loop over the knit stitch

Hope you enjoy !